17 Foods Helpful for Vaginal Health

17 Foods Helpful for Vaginal Health
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There is old saying 'you are what you eat' it also applies to your vagina.
Diets that often you do can affect everything, from the menstrual cycle, feelings, it even affecting the smell your feminine area. By that proven facts, now you can maintain vaginal health with these foods which are proven by studies, and experiences to be very efficacious to eliminate or at least reducing the amount of odor in your ladies part.
Consumption of healthy food not only boosts immunity, but also protects the female sex organs. 

The following are some of the list of foods that can make your vagina healthy and functioning properly as it supposed be;

1. Eat plenty of prebiotics and probiotics

According to some experts, vagina as well as bowel, which is requires good bacteria to fight off infections and maintaining a normal pH. Bacteria in the intestines also can affect what happens in the vagina, and therefore, you are advised to eat a healthy diet to maintain health gut and vagina. This is a prebiotic food, such as garlic, onion, chives raw, and probiotics, such as yogurt, kimchi, pickles, tempeh, and tea.
In fact, some experts have proved that by consuming probiotic foods can help women overcome the pain they experienced during sex. While the withdrawal prebiotic food supplement for the body.

2. Eat nuts and healthy fats

Healthy fats can be found in nuts, olive oil, and avocado. All these foods serve to keep cholesterol and estrogen in the body to stay balanced. This balance can create a layer of mucous that can help the body resist infection.
There are also almonds and other nuts that contain vitamin B can prevent vaginal pain when you have sex.

3. Avoid processed foods

The opposite of prebiotic and probiotic foods that can add good bacteria to the gut and vagina, processed foods actually worsen your immune system. This can cause various problems in the vagina, such as fungal infections, vaginal dryness, pain during sex, and urinary tract infections.

4. Reduce consumption of sugar

According to experts, eating sugar can damage or kill the good bacteria in the vagina.

5. Avoid artificial hormones

Artificial hormones can be found in certain meat and dairy products. Artificial hormones estrogen and can mimic estrogen blocking native of the vagina, which prevents the formation of the mucosal lining and allows you to infection.

6. Hydration awareness

Vagina works just like a person's mouth. When dry mouth and thirst, he would pull out a bad odor, so anything with a vagina. Hydration helps prevent vaginal odor.

17 Foods Helpful for Vaginal Health
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7. Yogurt

Yogurt can help fight infection-causing bacteria are good. In addition, this beverage also helps maintain the natural pH to maintain vaginal health.

8. Cranberries

Do you know one glass of cranberry juice is good for your vaginal health? Cranberry is loaded with acid compounds to prevent and reduce urinary tract infections.

9. Pineapple

Yes, pineapple is another healthy food for your reproductive organs. this fruit is also one of many foods that make your vag taste good

10. Vegetables

Especially vegetables leaves can help overcoming vaginal dryness and itching.

11. Garlic

Garlic is known as an antimicrobial to fight fungal infections.

12. Almonds

Almond also can prevent urinary tract infections, so well for maintaining the health of the vagina.

13. Sweet potatoes

One of the healthiest foods for your vagina is the sweet potato. They contain vitamin A, which contributes to a healthy uterine wall.

13. Soybean

Phytoestrogens in soy help keep the vagina dry during menopause.

17 Foods Helpful for Vaginal Health
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14. Chili

Make sure you add chili in your daily diet. The content of capsaicin in chili peppers can stimulate the blood circulation and increase the vaginal health.

15. Vitamin C

Eating plenty of fruits rich in vitamin C can help fight vaginal infections. Consume fruits such as guava, pineapple, strawberry etc.

16. Chocolate

Dark chocolate is not only good for the heart but also good for the reproductive organ health because it helps in lubrication.

17. Brewed lime betel leaves

Simply grab a bunch of fresh lime betel leaves, and use brew it as you make a glass of tea. Cool it down, and drink the water. Drink it once every day. It is also good to remove you bad body odor, rinse your mouth in the morning to avoid bad breath mouth, and also as cure to sore eyes.

However, for ordinary measure to take daily as good habit to maintain the health of your vaginal health,  

there are steps or tips on how to maintain the cleanliness of your ladies part, which are;

1. Practice a good hygiene on you ladies part.
2. Wash it regularly using warm, cool, or environmentally temperature.
3. Choose the proper soap to do the sanitary on your private area, or simply use baby soap for emergent situation.
4. It is highly recommended not to do douche
5. Clean your private area by wipe it carefully from front to back.
6. If in any case you should use some product such as lubricants, or any contraceptive measure, choose it with really carefully.
7. Wear free bacteria, and match sized underwear

17 Foods Helpful for Vaginal Health
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Ladies, you can now be at least relieved, that their risks of getting reproductive diseases are now can be decreased. They are now what to do and what to eat along its consequences. Ladies knowing these kinds of information are now likely don't have to be embarrassed asking for the same questions and know it for their own sanitary health.

6 Tired eyes Treatment

6 Tired eyes Treatment
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Computers at work are tools that are commonly used by most people now. Almost everyone who works in the office confronted with computers to support their activities. Even people who use computers for fun by using it to play games, watch movies, listen to musics, etc.

Working or staying too long in front of computers could cause tired eyes blurred vision
eye strain, eye pain or redness in the eyes, and may be tired eyes all the time. If that all happens, it's best thing to do to consult or pay visit to your eye doctor. 

However, long before something bad happens, here are some tired eyes treatment and ease the uncomfortable feelings due to staying to long whether it is working  or having fun at the front of the computer:

1. Take a break.

Do not force our eyes work continues in front of a computer all day, resulting in tired looking eyes. Let our eyes to rest for a few minutes, so that our eyes feel comfortable. If you need to, you close your eyes for a moment, if you wear glasses it's best to remove it first. Relax and breathe deeply. Just for a few minutes for your eyes completely well rested.

2. Avoid homework a few minutes when you get home.

If you are office workers, usually most of your times are spent in the computer. By the time you get home from work, it's better for you not directly perform activities such as opening email, checking the news on TV, even texting via mobile phone, and even to read magazines or a book. Let your puffy eyes completely well rested for about 1 hour. You can take a walk around your neighborhood and see green views, which are very good for your eyes. Whatever, just don't come near to that rectangle boxes in any size at all.

3. Change the lighting.

Soft light that is not too bright or too intense, but still shine with the fitting will make your eyes feel comfortable. For that, you can try to dim the light or turn on a small light, not the main light. Feel how your eye reaction afterwards. You might find your eyes more comfortable and cosy as the result. As the result, the eye is not to damaged by the lights or from the lights it self nor from the lights from the computer screen. 

6 Tired eyes Treatment
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4. Blinking the eyes

We seem to forget to blink sometimes. Especially when we are doing a work that is intense and consequently, we are rarely aware of that dry eye. A short break will be very helpful, as well as flashing, close your eyelids, take a deep breath and and try not to think about anything at all. If the eyes feel dry, close your eyes, or if it is still not enough, use eye drops.

5. Massage. 

When we work in front of computer screens forehead muscles we'll be very tense. It will be very helpful, and convenient for you to take a rest and do a few minutes massaging the head, eyebrows and neck, and also listening to tired eyes music. You know, some soft musics such as instruments musics, meditation musics will do good as well. If there are people who can give you a massage, it will greatly help relieve the pressure.
Tired eyes Treatment
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6. Sleep enough

Well, it might sounds ridiculous, especially for those who works in hours of intense and serious job and having tired eyes dark circles. Let me remind you, that every job is serious. But that doesn't mean you can take a break and rest for a better result in the future. Take a rest is a good investment, especially when it is done right and properly.

Health Benefits of Marigold (Calendula officinalis)

8 Benefits of the beautiful Marigold (Calendula officinalis) flowers

Health Benefits of Marigold (Calendula officinalis)
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Have you heard of Marigolds (Calendula officinalis) flowers?
Maybe for some people, the name is not familiar. But when you look at the original shape of the flower is sure you'll know right away. It grows on warm area in the world. However, this plant which is has a yellow beautiful flower originally comes from Southern Europe. Now, it has been naturalized throughout the world which has warm temperature.

As mentioned above, Marigolds (Calendula officinalis) easily recognizable of the bright yellow color and is widely used as an ornamental plant. Who would have thought now, that this beautiful flower has health benefits that you can claim. 

Here are some of the benefits of Marigold (Calendula officinalis) flower for health;

1. Remove toxins from the body

Drinking tea made from Marigold (Calendula officinalis) flowers can assist you in clearing toxins mainly from the liver and gall you. So that your body is free of dangerous diseases disorders. Simply by pick up a grab of dried flowers and brew them as you usually brew your tea. You may add some sugar or honey if you like too.

2. Treat indigestion

Marigolds (Calendula officinalis) is able to protect the stomach lining and intestines as well as to prevent gastric ulcer disease, gastritis, and even stomach cancer. It turns out, the Marigold (Calendula officinalis) is also has a great health benefits in preventing stomach disease occurred to us.

Health Benefits of Marigold (Calendula officinalis)
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 3. Fight free radicals

Due to high content of antioxidants, then Marigolds (Calendula officinalis) helps the body fight free radicals that cause disease and premature aging. This flower also has anti-carcinogenic properties. Once again, thanks to the Marigold (Calendula officinalis) with its magical natural substances that are very helpful to our health.

4. Treating a fever and sore throat

Marigold flower tea can help the body fight fever and cough. If you have a sore throat, then rinse with marigold flower tea three times daily to reduce infection.

Should you not compare this flower to another herbal tea, Cammomile tea, for example. They have each their own unique and amazing important roles to this world, and eventually we who have mostly get and feel the benefits.
Stay healthy so you can take roles in taking care of the beautiful biodiversity world of nature.