5 Face Gymnastics for younger looks!!

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Facial gymnastics is one of the powerful methods that you should try to maintain skin firmness so that you will always look beautiful and youthful. Although this method is not very popular among people but it does not hurt to try, with no side effects, facial gymnastics is also easy to do by any person.

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Curious how to do face exercise as mentioned as face gymnastics above? let's see text below about 5 tips facial gymnastics in order to always stay young with no side effects because it is so natural.

5 Face Gymnastics for Younger Face

1. Sneer the Lips

Sneering your lips or pout is not something wrong, do not be afraid to make a move like this because it turns out it is actually beneficial for your skin. The way your lips and then close forward, hold this movement a few seconds. Perform this exercise 5 times, after that on the latter using your finger and place in front of the mouth and then apply pressure.

2. Do Stretching Lips

Have you ever heard or do stretching lip? This movement is very effective to get rid of wrinkles on your face so that you will always look younger. The trick, first you try grinned but earned some areas of the face does not move. Hold that position for a few seconds and then a new release, do this five times they can help reduce wrinkles and wrinkles on the face. This face gymnastics wrinkles is very helpful to reduce stress on your face. Especially after you need to put certain expression on your face for whole day long.  :)

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3. Train your eyes

Doing eye exercises will also affect your skin so whenever possible do this so that your skin is always taut and wrinkle-free. The trick, put the index finger near the eyes and then give a little pressure and stretch your face. Hold this position for a few seconds and repeat this 2-3 times a day.

4. Chew Gum

Who said chewing gum is of no use, in addition to refreshing the mouth turns this activity could make the muscles of the face become stronger so that the skin will be firm and avoid the problem of wrinkles and wrinkles.

5. Face Massage

Facial massage is one method that is loved by most women because in addition to healthy, it will make the facial skin becomes clear, beautiful and toned. Facial massage will make the blood circulation to the face to be smooth so no wonder if this can prevent wrinkles in the face because the skin always receive adequate blood supply.
Well, that's 5 tips facial gymnastics in order to always stay young that you can do at home without the cost of expensive and most importantly, it is very natural so you do not have to worry about the side effects of this method.

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Good luck !

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