9 benefits of healthy lifestyle to stay beautiful in 40s

9 healthy lifestyle tips
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At age 40, a woman should begin to be vigilant for symptoms that arise on the skin and body.
This is the time as it is leading a healthy lifestyle choices to live up with.
At this age will usually begin to appear signs of aging such as skin began to slacken, spotting dull, skin becomes dry, raised spots that have tan color and the presence of fine lines on the skin around the eyes is very disturbing appearance.

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The aging process is influenced by many things, including sun exposure, pollution, stress, and more.
Pay more intensive care for the skin condition at this age, since at this age, the skin is more vulnerable compared to the skin at the age of 20-30 years.
Use a moisturizer that contains sunscreen to protect skin against sun exposure. And j clean facial skin ignore  at night before bed. Exhausted facial skin after a day of closed-makeup and exposed to dust, pollution and sunlight.

Here are things you can do to keep skin beautiful at the age of 40 years:

1. Use a moisturizer

Use moisturizer aims to reduce skin dryness that occurs on skin face as we age, the skin tends to be dry because the oil glands becomes less active.

2. Clean the face before going to bed

After a day exposed to sun lights, the using of make ups, dust, pollution and sun exposure, in order the skin
face can rest perfectly during the night, wash your face with facial soap that suits your age

3. Exfoliate

Use a gentle scrub to remove dead cells will improve the color of the skin, open clogged pores, bangs and help prevent acne.

healthy lifestyle tips
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4. Use a night cream

At night, apply night cream containing AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) and retinoids to reduce roughness or wrinkles and brighten the skin.

5. Use an eye cream

The skin around the eyes is the thinnest skin so it's easy to lose elasticity.
The use of eye creams that contain anti aging will help overcome the wrinkles and fine lines that often arise on the area around the eyes.

6. Eat healthy foods

You should eat more of fruits and vegetables to be healthy, low in fat and rich in fiber.
Fruits and vegetables will help keep the skin fresh.
Benefits of healthy lifestyle choices are limitless, and it is an uncompressed assets for your elderly age to come.

7. Drink plenty of water

Consuming 8 glasses of water a day will help keep moisture in the skin throughout the body.
Plain water will also help get rid of toxins or leftovers in the body so that the body becomes more healthy.

8. Take vitamins for the skin

At the age of 40, the care and the outside is not able to fully help eliminate black spots and skin that is dry and dull, you'll want to add a vitamin for the skin can help and in the body.

9 healthy lifestyle tips
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9. Get enough rest

Enough sleep will maintain stamina and freshness of facial skin. Lack of sleep and fatigue will make the face appear dull and tired.
Even the skin face will look dull with eye bags that will disturb the appearance.

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Those are the healthy lifestyle tips to stay beautiful in your 40's.
By managing your life well, it supposed to be make you live well as well.:)

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