18 Magnificent Benefits of Sansiviera.

18 Magnificent Benefits of Sansiviera.
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This plant is able to adapt in a variety of environments, even with little sun exposure.
Sansivieria will live even though not obtain water for a week.
However, to maintain the beauty of the color, then you should be doused with water at least once a week.

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Sansivieria contains organic compounds such as amino acids and sugars.
Chemical compounds contained in such kardenolin Sansevieria, abamagenin, saponins, and poliffenol.
Not to mention, this native plant from Africa also contains pregnant glycosides, which can break down toxic substances into harmless.

Hence, these are the amazing benefits of Sansivieria:

1. Controlling blood sugar 

Leaves Sansiviera is effective to prevent spikes in blood sugar levels.

2. Absorb pollutants

Sansevieria plant is able to absorb 107 pollutants, such as formaldehyde, carbon dioxide, chloroform, benzene, and cotylene.
The Sansiviera absorbs the pollutants, and then release again to the air as oxygen.
As we know, the pollutants can trigger cancer.

3. Prevents sick building syndrome

This condition in which the room is full with nicotine, carbon dioxide, and air-conditioning effect is never good for our health. 
Let alone healthy, it is not even comfortable at all. 
Hence, the condition such as is certainly very detrimental to health.
As the matter of fact, you can put Sanseviera flowers in the room, to absorb harmful substances.

10 Magnificent Benefits of Sansiviera.
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4. Absorb Radiation

Gadgets, and other electronic equipment spreads out certain radiation rays. 
In the same way, the accumulative radiation will have bad effects to our health. 
The Sansiviera leaves are able to absorb those radiation.
These plants are well suitable in the pot, next to you in the living room where you watch TV.
Not only cool the room, but it can also absorb computer radiation and other small electronic devices including mobile phones.

5. Relieves headache 

In order to treat headaches, use a burnt Sansivieria leaves.

6. Neutralize toxins nicotine

Sanseviera is able to produce high amounts of oxygen.
Even able to neutralize tobacco smoke that contains nicotine.

7. Prevent Hemorrhoids

Sansivieria leaves are rich in fiber which is useful for digestion.
Thus, the problem of constipation and hemorrhoids can be prevented.

8. Getting rid of the odor

In France and China, it is very common to use of a Sansivieria flower extract as a perfume to scent a room in the bathroom and kitchen.

9. Treat the wound leaves

A Sansivieria has antiseptic properties. 
Hence, it can kill germs that may have entered the wound on the skin.

10. Flower of Sanseviera Relieves stress

The flower of Sansiviera is often also as an aroma therapy. 
Not to mention it can calm the mood.
To cope with stress, try to breathe in the fragrance when the blooming flowers. 

Sanseviera Benefits For Hair Beauty

11. Smooth and nourish hair

Sanseviera can be useful as fertilizer to hair. It is also works a natural conditioner for your hair.
In the first place, mash and squeeze the leaves to take the juice.
Apply on your hair overnight.
Wash and rinse your hair the next day.

Sansivieria leaves other Benefits are;

12. Relieves diarrhea
13. As a natural antibiotic
14. Treat the bite of a poisonous snake
15. Overcoming the flu
16. Treating inflammation of the airways
17. Treating inflammation of the stomach
18. Japanese people use Sansiviera as a woven material to addressing colitis .
This is due to the texture of the leaves a strong and gentle.

Magnificent Benefits of Sansiviera.
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However, those are the amazing 18 Benefits of Sansivieria.
You can easily plant the Sansiviera by cuttings method.
All in all, simply cut out a group of the plants and move it into new place.
Furthermore, you should choose loose soil as a growing medium, then put it under the sun.
If you want to get Sansiviera mini, cut the leaves and wait for it to pull out the roots with small shoots.
Surely, this ornamental plant is suitable to put in your office.

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