9 Benefits of Drinking Milk For Women

9 Benefits of Drinking Milk For Women
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Drinking milk is a scourge for women today. The grounds are afraid of getting fat as a result of accumulation of the milk fat.
Though, the fat of the body, does not necessarily come from the milk you drink. Otherwise, the research proves that the milk keeps the body slim and ideal.
This is because the benefits of drinking milk every day is healthy for the digestive system, especially on the part of the intestine.
Which makes the process of excretion through poop can be run so smoothly.
Drinking milk is very important to support the daily activities.
Thus, the content available in the milk is very beneficial to the formation of our energy in activities we do from morning to evening.

For people who do not have time for breakfast or are not familiar with the breakfast could start with a glass of warm milk. Hence, it can maintain the digestive system. While, for people who are afraid of getting fat but still want to get your intake of vitamins and minerals, you can choose milk with sugar and low fat milk.
The content of calcium available in milk is also very useful to women who often have complaints when the menstrual cycle will come.
According to the study, administration of calcium in the amount of 1000 - 1200 mg in women can reduce the effects of PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome). Thus, in this case the role of milk as a source of calcium is very important.

Nonetheless, milk is also useful to prevent dehydration.
As well as,  the benefits of water, drinking milk can also replace lost fluid which is simultaneously supplying vitamins and minerals for the body. Especially, whenever we do high activity. As a matter o fact, in this case the milk as well as nourish the skin.

9 Benefits of Drinking Milk For Women
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Milk is one of the many drinks with the most complete source of nutrition which is very  good for us. Hence there are; 

1. Milk contains vitamin B12, which contribute to the formation of red blood cells.

2. Calcium, which serves for the formation of bones, teeth, nails, and hair good.

3. Carbohydrates, which serves to obtain optimal energy.

4. Magnesium, which serves to build muscle.

5. Phosphorus, which serves to store and expend energy.

6. Potassium, which is good for the nervous system.

7. Protein, which serves for growth and healing process.

8. Riboflavin, which serves to skin health.

9. Zinc, which serves to boost the immune system.



 What are you waiting, should we avoid milk for our diet?

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