7 Benefits of Snake fruit for health

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It turns out that there are so many fruits with good advantages to human health. And one among them pops out, is the snake fruit.
Its scientific name is (Salakka edulis), while in the US and Europe, this fruit is known for its skin which is lookalike as snake. Literally.
Even though according some survey, it state that snake fruit is not as famous as apple, orange, mango,or even banana, this fruit is almost has the same benefits with other. 

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Here the list of the nutrition inside the Snake fruit;

368 kk energy
0,8 gr protein
90,3 gr carbohydrate
0,4 gr fat
38 mg calcium
31 mg phosphorus
3,9 mg fe
8,4 gr vitamin C
some salt, vitamin B, and minerals.

According the nutrition content above, we can achieve these following benefits.

Here are the health benefits of Snake fruit;

1. Increases the immune system

It has vitamin C, which is very crucial substance in developing immune system.

2. Maintaining the eyes health

According to some researches, its beta carotene level is five times is higher compare to carrots, tomatoes, mango, and watermelon.
So, for you who don't like tomatoes, Snake fruit can be another alternative to take care the health of your eyes health.

3. Prevent the cancer from developing

Snake fruits have lots of anti oxidant, hence it is very good to prevent the cancer cell from appear and growing.
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4. Curing Diarrhea

Snake fruit also contains of tanin which is good to cure this stomach disease

5. It has lots of fiber

The fiber in this fruit lies on the thin layer on the fruit. It will help you whenever you have suffering from constipation.

6. Helping on your diet

It also has lots of carbohydrate, hence it will postpone the hunger of your stomach.

7. Increasing the brain function

According to a research, the snake fruits is able to increase the brain function with its potassium and perkin.
Those two substances are able to speed up and controlling the blood flow to the brain.

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 Unfortunately, even though the health benefits of snake fruits are enormous, this fruit is not suitable for those who have history with a gastric problems.
Instead of curing, the snake fruit will make the pain even worse.

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Above all, it is very good to consume snake fruits, even on daily basis. 
You can eat it directly without any further processing, or you can make snacking out of it.
Even now, it can be made as coffee for another option or various type of coffee for coffee lover.

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