6 Tired eyes Treatment

6 Tired eyes Treatment
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Computers at work are tools that are commonly used by most people now. Almost everyone who works in the office confronted with computers to support their activities. Even people who use computers for fun by using it to play games, watch movies, listen to musics, etc.

Working or staying too long in front of computers could cause tired eyes blurred vision
eye strain, eye pain or redness in the eyes, and may be tired eyes all the time. If that all happens, it's best thing to do to consult or pay visit to your eye doctor. 

However, long before something bad happens, here are some tired eyes treatment and ease the uncomfortable feelings due to staying to long whether it is working  or having fun at the front of the computer:

1. Take a break.

Do not force our eyes work continues in front of a computer all day, resulting in tired looking eyes. Let our eyes to rest for a few minutes, so that our eyes feel comfortable. If you need to, you close your eyes for a moment, if you wear glasses it's best to remove it first. Relax and breathe deeply. Just for a few minutes for your eyes completely well rested.

2. Avoid homework a few minutes when you get home.

If you are office workers, usually most of your times are spent in the computer. By the time you get home from work, it's better for you not directly perform activities such as opening email, checking the news on TV, even texting via mobile phone, and even to read magazines or a book. Let your puffy eyes completely well rested for about 1 hour. You can take a walk around your neighborhood and see green views, which are very good for your eyes. Whatever, just don't come near to that rectangle boxes in any size at all.

3. Change the lighting.

Soft light that is not too bright or too intense, but still shine with the fitting will make your eyes feel comfortable. For that, you can try to dim the light or turn on a small light, not the main light. Feel how your eye reaction afterwards. You might find your eyes more comfortable and cosy as the result. As the result, the eye is not to damaged by the lights or from the lights it self nor from the lights from the computer screen. 

6 Tired eyes Treatment
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4. Blinking the eyes

We seem to forget to blink sometimes. Especially when we are doing a work that is intense and consequently, we are rarely aware of that dry eye. A short break will be very helpful, as well as flashing, close your eyelids, take a deep breath and and try not to think about anything at all. If the eyes feel dry, close your eyes, or if it is still not enough, use eye drops.

5. Massage. 

When we work in front of computer screens forehead muscles we'll be very tense. It will be very helpful, and convenient for you to take a rest and do a few minutes massaging the head, eyebrows and neck, and also listening to tired eyes music. You know, some soft musics such as instruments musics, meditation musics will do good as well. If there are people who can give you a massage, it will greatly help relieve the pressure.
Tired eyes Treatment
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6. Sleep enough

Well, it might sounds ridiculous, especially for those who works in hours of intense and serious job and having tired eyes dark circles. Let me remind you, that every job is serious. But that doesn't mean you can take a break and rest for a better result in the future. Take a rest is a good investment, especially when it is done right and properly.

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