8 Coconut Benefits for Hair Health

Coconut Benefits for Hair Health
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Coconut is one of the most common plant we can found almost in anywhere, in tropical continent.
Most of people know that almost every part of the coconut tree is has its own unique benefits.
From its young leaves, to its roots that buried underground.
One of the famous part is the fruit. 
Yes, indeed, the coconut fruit can be used for almost anything.
From the making of delicacy food, to traditional remedies for certain illness.

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The benefits of coconut fruit for health is already known since years ago.
It is known from the culture, that it can be used to maintain the health of our hair and head scalp.
Instead of buying and using modern product which is contain of so many dangerous chemical substances, the benefits of coconut for hair is a whole lot saver, as another option.
Here are is the lists of the benefits of coconut for hair and head scalp, and how it should be done;

1. Overcoming the dry and damaged hair

Coconut fruit can be extracted and be made as coconut oil.
Hence, it is free from any chemical substances which are may be dangerous to our hair and head scalp.
This coconut extract or coconut oil can be used bay any age, since it is very soft and friendly to the hair and head scalp.
Simply by use the coconut oil after shampooing the hair, and rub it onto the hair stem and tip of the hair.
Rub it all the way down to the head scalp.
Once it is finished, cover up your head with shower cup for approximately 1-2 hours, or all night long if it is possible.
Only after that, you can rinse your head and wash it again with shampoo.
For the damaged hair, you could add few drops of sandalwood oil, or geranium essential oil.
it is meant to increase the humidity and soothing effect to the hair and head scalp.

2. Help to re grow the hair

If you have any problem with the bald head, no need to worry anymore.
This amazing benefits of coconut fruit oil is effective enough to stimulate the hair for re-growing.
It can increase the blood circulation in the head skin, and trigger the hair root to be more healthy and re-growing with longer, healthier, and thicker figures.
With the contained of laurel acid, it'll be able to penetrate the hair stem and increase its health entirely.
To achieve this, first of all, you can massage your head scalp with coconut oil for about 10 minutes.
You can do the massage 3 to 4 times weekly.
After doing the massage, cover your head with the shower cup, for about an hour or so.
Only then, you can wash and rinse your head with shampoo in the regular way.
You can also add few drops of rosemary oil.
It will support the growing process of the new hair over than 20 %.

3. Overcoming the hair fall

Actually, besides of using it as culinary , the use of coconut oil can also be used in curing the hair fall.
Make a potion using Sage leaves in boiled coconut oil.
Once it is cool down, you can smear it onto the thin hair as accordingly.
If you find any difficulties in finding Sage leaves, you can replace it with citrus fruit as addition.

4. Overcoming the dandruff

Dandruff is one of so many annoying problems with the hair.
It, usually makes our confident degrading significantly.
Dandruff usually shows up once our head scalp is dry, infected by alassezia as in yeast, or any allergies to chemical substances contained by the shampoo.
Coconut oil contains of laurel acid, and caprate acid which are take roles in as anti virus, anti microbial, and act as anti fungi as well.
Which means, coconut oil can kill certain bacteria, or virus hiding on our head scalp.
As told before, simply doing the head massage using more or less 2 tsp of coconut oil and a few drops of essential oil,
 such as lavender oil, tyme, or evergreen as you desire.
Once it is done, cover your head with shower cup at for 20 -30 minutes to all night long, before you wash and rinse your hair.

8 Coconut Benefits for Hair Health
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5. Make the hair easier to manage

The use of hair dryer, hair rolls, or any kinds of in-natural hair equipment will decreases the humidity of our hair.
Hence, it will make the hair becomes vulnerable, fragile, and tangled too easy.
Actually, it is very easy to overcome.
Simply smear the benefits of coconut oil onto the hair as it necessary.
It may take sometimes for the hair to dry out, but the result will be amazing.
Our hair will be shiny, soft, and easy to manage.

6. Protecting the hair from sun rays

Hair is becoming vulnerable under the direct sun lights.
To protect it, simply smear some of coconut oil onto the hair before going out.
Easy peachy, isn't it?

7. Encountering the hair louse

This in may be the best use of coconut oil so far.
The coconut oil will protecting the hair from having the hair louse and prevent it from coming.
Besides of its effectiveness, it is also saver and free from side effects, or irritation.
Just like the steps above, mix coconut oil with few drops of essential oil and use it to do massage on your head scalp.
Once it's done, cover up your head with shower cup for about 2 hours long.
Do careful brush to your hair to remove any louses from off your hair, right before you wash and rinse your hair.
After you have your hair cleaned, spray some mixed apple vinegar and water on to your head scalp, and then do a light massage.
Once again, wash your hair using your regular shampoo, and dry it off.
Do these therapy as often as possible.

8. Giving your hair chill effect

Apply some coconut oil to your head scalp and hair will also give the chill effect to them.
Especially when you have sweaty head.
Simply apply some coconut oil onto the head scalp and leave it be for all night.
Wash and rinse your head in the morning.
This therapy will also remove the chemical effects caused by any hair do
8 Coconut Benefits for Hair Health
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Those are some of the health benefits of coconut oil for hair.
Instead of having your hair do by beauty saloon, which is usually using chemical substances, this is one of many other natural ways.
It is whole lot saver and friendly to your head scalp and hair.
The only lack from this therapy is, it takes a lot of steps which are may be complicated.
Especially when you don't have the time.
However, it is always becoming another healthy and natural ways to take care of your head scalp and hair health care.

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